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“Restore the Delta,” an Astroturf group that supports the unsustainable status quo for the troubled California Delta, has made a lot of noise about the plan to fix California’s aging water distribution system. Their actions would leave the Delta to deteriorate and would jeopardize the water supply for millions of California homes, family farms and businesses.
A look into the organization reveals that “Restore the Delta” is funded by billionaire developers and big water users whose interest is neither the environment nor Delta residents: it’s all about protecting the corporate and personal financial interests of the group’s backers.
Restore the Truth is a periodic series that will expose the truth about this organization, its backers, and its destructive policies and actions that would destroy the Delta and our state’s water supply.

Truth Revealed

We now know that Restore the Delta (RTD) is nothing more than a puppet for its wealthy funders whose idea of Delta “restoration” is to develop luxury golf courses, massive tract homes on Delta islands, and environmentally destructive dredging of Delta waterways.

“Restore the Delta” likes to portray itself as a grassroots organization fighting to protect the Delta. But recent installments of RestoreDeltaTruth.com have exposed the organization as being largely funded by a few wealthy developers whose idea of “restoring” the Delta includes massive, environmentally damaging dredging of the Delta.