Restore the Delta “Solutions” = Status Quo Group Consistently Opposes Every Viable Solution to Restore the Delta

Restore the Delta is at it again – manipulating the facts to make a case for protecting the status quo while hurting the Delta environment and the 26 million people who rely on the state’s water infrastructure.

The fact is, the so-called “solutions” promoted by Restore the Delta actually perpetuate the status quo. The group consistently opposes viable solutions to improve the Delta. Restore the Delta’s actions will actually result in the further demise of the Delta and further decline of our state’s water supplies. Just a few examples:

  • Restore the Delta advocates maintaining the current system of outdated, destructive pumps to move water. These pumps are responsible for reverse river flows that kill fish and harm the Delta ecosystem. RTD opposes the only viable solution to restore more natural river flows and improve the Delta’s ecosystem through the California Water Fix.
  • Just last summer, the group opposed hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed direct funding for Delta habitat restoration. In fact, in a press release this summer, Restore the Delta actually called on legislators to “remove all funding for Delta habitat.
  • Restore the Delta recklessly dismisses scientists’ concerns about earthquakes threatening Delta levees, claiming that “the majority of the levees are fine; others can be upgraded to be fine, and none of them has ever failed in an earthquake.”
  • If Restore the Delta had their way in previous years, the Delta would be inundated with salt water by now. The status quo promoted by RTD would result in undrinkable, unfarmable, and unlivable conditions in the Delta.

About Californians for Water Security:

CWS is a growing coalition of more than 12,000 California citizens and more than 160 organizations representing business leaders, labor, family farmers, local governments, water experts, environmentalists, public safety officials, infrastructure groups, taxpayer associations, and others who support the plan to fix California’s broken water distribution system. The Governor’s plan was drafted after nearly a decade of scientific review and analysis by leading water experts and conservationists and has received input from leading scientists and engineers. The coalition is waging an active advertising, grassroots lobbying, social media and public advocacy campaign to support this important project to fix our aging water distribution infrastructure and improve water reliability and security throughout the state.

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