RTD Opposes Funding to Restore the Delta

March 24, 2015

To: Interested Parties
From: Steven Maviglio, Restore the Delta Truth
Re: No Drought in “Restore the Delta” Hypocrisy

“Restore the Delta” likes to portray itself as a grassroots organization fighting to protect the Delta. But recent installments of RestoreDeltaTruth.com have exposed the organization as being largely funded by a few wealthy developers who want to build thousands of tract homes on Delta islands, who want to use cheap Delta water to hydrate a luxury golf course, and a Koch-brother ally whose idea of “restoring” the Delta includes massive, environmentally damaging dredging of the Delta.

Not only do the actions of RTD’s funders harm the Delta, but the actions of Restore the Delta itself as an organization also have significant negative impacts on efforts to improve Delta habitats and environment.

Here are some highlights of the group’s hypocrisy on the Delta.

And these are just a few examples. That’s why it’s difficult to take Restore the Delta seriously when it comes to protecting the environment – or anything else.